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Recycling Efforts

Donate your old computer and help make a difference for a struggling family! Stride is a local metro-area nonprofit that helps families achieve economic self-sufficiency. They accept all PCs 500MHz or faster, Pentium III or newer and all of the associated parts, working or not. (No dead monitors please — they can’t fix those!) Their team of volunteers will refurbish your PC (completely cleaning off all of your private data and software) and send it home with an underprivileged family right here in the Denver metro area. Your old PC could help a child do his homework, a single mother write her resume, or an underemployed adult learn new skills. Imagine what a disadvantage it would be to not have a computer at home — let them put your old computer to work for a family that can’t afford one!

Stride is a tax deductible organization with a 501-C3 designation. You can read more about them at http://www.stride-co.org/ .  Donations can be dropped off at Stride’s office, 5400 W Cedar Ave in Lakewood during regular business hours, or they can arrange pickup for large donations.  You can email Kyallee Dalrymple at kyal@stride-co.org