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Questions and Answers


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Question:  I desperately need computer training. Any suggestions?

Answer:  There is a wealth of FREE computer classes through the Jefferson County Libraries. Here is a link:


Question:  How can I get data off my hard drive before donating my computer; and where can I donate?

Answer:  Your computer professional can do this for you very easily.  To do yourself and depending on how much data you have, one option is to move the data off the hard drive onto a Flash or Thumb drive.  These are about the size of your thumb and come in a variety of capacities from 512MB to 32gb.  Cost varies from $5 to $60 depending on capacity.   

There are a variety of other ways to move your data, from removing the hard drive and using a IDE or SATA to USB cable set to connect the drive directly to your new computer’s USB port; buying a hard drive enclosure made for IDE or SATA and desktop or laptop and using the USB cable included to move the data.  Both of these options give you the flexibility to keep/use the old hard drive(s) to backup your current data (music, pictures, etc.).  There are also a selection of online choices for both moving and backing up data.  Cost varies on how much data you need to store.  Ask your computer professional for help in making the best choice for your situation.  

You might want to donate your old computer without the hard drive.

One more thing… If you don’t need a tax receipt, you can donate your computer and any computer-related peripherals at Office Depot. You just have to buy boxes for them to put them in.

The Denver Childrens’ Home is a great place to donate to get a tax receipt.

 Question:  How can I feel safer on the internet?

Answer:  Here is a great link with tips including internet safety, how to protect yourself from identity theft, etc. 

http://www.The Online Family.net/protect/keep_kids_safe_online/index.html


Question:  Should I update to Windows 7? 

Answer:    Per Microsoft, “Windows 7 is best experienced on a new PC with the latest hardware.”  Computers with Windows XP have to be completely reformatted before Windows 7 can be installed.  This would require backing up data and reinstalling all the applications.  This could be a very lengthy process.  Depending on the version of Vista, the same process may be required, or in some cases Windows 7 can be installed as an upgrade.   If your current PC and operating system are meeting your needs, waiting until you replace your computer to upgrade to Windows 7 is recommended. 
lick here to see if your computer is capable of being updated.

Windows 7 Update Tool

If you have purchased a new computer recently, it may have come with Windows 7 installed, or you may have received a coupon for Windows 7 when it becomes available.  It has begun to be shipped so you should receive soon.  If you are satisfied with Vista on your computer, you can leave it as is. 

Here are some of the benefits of Windows 7 to help you make up your mind.  

Windows 7 Features