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We are a woman-owned  business providing reliable and resourceful computer support to Denver Metro area small businesses and individuals since 2003.  We listen to your needs and explain our process in non-technical terms.  We provide personal support for all your computer needs.

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Free One Hour Home Computer Analysis


Is your home computer collecting dust from non-use?
Are you still doing clerical or accounting tasks manually?
Would you like to get more use of your home computer?

Call or email us for a free one hour consultation in the Denver Metro Area!



Free One Hour Business Computer System Analysis

Is your business computer collecting dust from non-use?
Do you have time to get your coffee before your computer is ready to use?
Are you still doing clerical or accounting tasks manually?
Would you like to get more use of your computer?

Call or email us for a free one hour consultation in the Denver Metro Area!



About Home Services

We want you to feel like you can comfortably rely on us to meet all of your computer needs.  Excellent customer service is our focus, and in this regard we listen to your needs so that we address them correctly.  We will communicate to you in a non-technical manner, and we will follow up with you to make sure your needs are met.
Here are examples of the services we can provide you with:

Free One Hour
Computer Maintenance

Take advantage of our one hour free consultation to get started in making your computer use more efficient. We are safe and reliable – we will visit your home (female consultant available) and spend one hour on your computer performing maintenance or repair with no further obligation (unless parts are needed). You need not pay for further time unless you choose.

Clean computers and keyboards of dust

• Computer Troubleshooting, Repair and Service

• Slow Computer Fix and Prevention

• Computer Upgrade -  memory, hard drive, update operating system – you may be able to postpone buying a new computer by upgrading your current computer at a lower cost

• New Software Install

• Virus Detection and Removal

• Wireless Home Network Install

• Wireless Network Security

• Assistance with making cost-effective computer purchases

• New Computer Set Up

• Data Backup and Recovery

About Business Services

Every business, no matter how small, needs IT support even if on a limited basis. Let us keep your computers running so you can devote your time to what you do best – running your business. We can set up remote access so that maintenance can be done after hours at no interruption to your staff. If there are emergencies during working hours, remote access permits us to respond faster. We can tailor-make our support specifically for your needs. Take advantage of the free one hour analysis so that we can become familiar with your environment and needs.

Free One Hour
Business IT Analysis

Our free one hour consultation includes a five point analysis of your business computer system and needs. At no obligation to you, you will receive recommendations for improving your office computer services and normal maintenance requirements.


Here are examples of the services we can provide you with:

Onsite and Remote Support;
Flexible Hours Including Evenings and Weekends

Proactive Desktop and Server Management and Administration

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair

Data Backup and Recovery

Email and Virus Protection

Asset Management

License Compliance

Preventative Maintenance

Disaster Recovery Preparation

Smart Phone Set Up and Training

Effective Procurement


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“Oneda Patterson has provided San Juan Resources, Inc. professional, reliable, and prompt IT service since 2003. Oneda has assembled a network system for this oil and gas producer. Each member of our staff has the ability to operate remotely, managing our efficient operations, especially for a small operator. In addition, Oneda has installed back-up firewalls which have allowed us to work on-line worry-free, all this done in a cost-effective manner. Oneda has a proven track record of honesty and integrity in everything she does.”

Jerry McHugh, Jr.
President San Juan Resources, Inc.


“Our primary business computer crashed during a software installation. We found Everything Computer using a Google search and Oneda Patterson saved us from disaster. She responded quickly and went above and beyond our expectations with restoration and repairs. She also devised a better backup system for us. We endorse and highly recommend this company.”


Dean Aschenbrenner



“Upon hearing that my mum had inoperable cancer, I was devastated.  I left my home in New Jersey and came to Colorado to walk with her through the treatments. Glory to God, four months later, she is doing well and I am returning to the East coast, but how on earth am I going to have peace now that I’m leaving? Oneda suggested we get computers and Skype one another.  Great idea, but my mum has never turned on a computer!  “Never fear,” said Oneda, “I can help.” Not only did she set up our computers and give my mum and I patient and thorough training, but she empowered us both to have peace of mind across thousands of miles.  Thank you for the joyful gift of connection and peace of mind, Oneda!”


Forever grateful,

Charity & Marie




“I LOVE ‘Everything Computer’ – and I recommend anyone with a computer that needs help navigating and fixing, upgrading and de-bugging, CALL ONEDA! Awesome customer service; amazing results.”


Ashley E. Kingsley



When my computer died and my last computer repair person was no longer in business, I needed to find someone else, fast. Oneda was recommended to me by someone I trust. I called her for help, and I was not disappointed. Oneda helped me work with Dell to purchase a new computer – as a non-tech, the help in navigating all the different components was a must for me. After the new computer arrived, Oneda came to my home office and helped me get everything set up. Our business only has one computer, and it is vital to our operations Oneda is knowledgeable, great to work with, and she had me up and running with the new computer in a timely fashion and for a reasonable price. I would recommend her to you without reservation. I trust her and plan to call her whenever I have a computer issue.


Susan H. Brown




 “Everything Computer really saved the day for me… My hard drive was really suffering. I knew it was going to go, but had no idea when. I was restarting my computer every few minutes just to use it briefly. I had checked with Microcenter, and a few local used PC stores to price the cost to buy a new hard drive and tower, but honestly, was totally intimidated by the idea as I’m just not that pc friendly, and not too wealthy either. I called on Everything Computer and Oneda was so awesome. She replaced my hard drive for a great price and was totally flexible as to how we were going to be able to get together. She even took the tower in her car to deliver it to me! My computer has worked great ever since. You can’t go wrong with Everything Computer and Oneda. The price is right and she is someone that genuinely cares about being fair and honest.”

Paula Frazer

“Just want to thank you for all your help. You have been a life saver for me.  Anyone who needs computer service whether they are novice (such as me) or computer literate will find “joy” working with you. You are timely, professional, friendly and fair in relation to cost of service. I would and do recommend you without hesitation to anyone needing this type of service. You may e-mail me if you (the potential client) need further confirmation.”

Sidney Theard

“In the age of ‘technological planned obsolescence’ Oneda Patterson is a pure and refreshing relief. I detest waste, and so when my ancient laptop went totally south from advanced age I called her. After working closely with my husband and myself to make sure we got all the information possible out of the poor thing she picked it up herself and went to work. She was able to salvage whatever parts and do some of her magic and got it in working order for someone who would not have had access to a computer otherwise. This is recycling for the age and a marvelous thing for everyone involved. Thank you Oneda for a caring and deft solution to a growing problem.”

Susan Jacobsen

“Oneda Patterson is probably the best IT professional I have ever found to assist me with my small business computer needs. She is extremely reliable, and will focus on the problem until it is resolved.

Being the former center for IT training for Regis University, I am very particular with whom I trust my computer needs to. She came highly recommended to me when I needed a full computer upgrade for my Gateway laptop. She picked up my equipment and delivered it back to me within 48 hours. I am now delighted with the performance of a notebook that I was considering replacing.

I was so impressed that I gave her my sister’s PC to work on. We had a project where we needed Oneda to retrieve information that was over 6 years old off the hard drive. Not only did she find the information we were looking for, she printed off all of the data for us.

Oneda does not stop until she finds the answer. She is persistent and approaches every task with a keen sense of urgency. She is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend using her services for all of your computer needs. I honestly believe that if Oneda can’t do it, no one can. She’s the best!”

Lynn Padgett

“When I first met Oneda I thought how in the world would this sweet lady be able to help us with our computer that had been moved from Colorado Springs to Denver Colorado and crashed. Oneda sat down and knew exactly what to do, I was amazed. Not only did she fix our problem, she came back to reorganize what we had probably messed up and didn’t charge us.

She is a joy to be around and so professional. Don’t know why anyone would not call on her.”

Andie Hubchik

“My hard drive crashed and the place here in Salt Lake City that I asked to work on it said that retrieving the data was beyond their capability, however we could send it out, and for just a couple thousand dollars there was a possibility that the data could be recovered. I mailed the hard drive to Oneda and in less than 24 hours after she received it, she emailed me with the news that she had managed to transfer many of my data files to a thumb drive. I got the drive in the mail, and have my pictures, four years of grad school papers, sermons since 2004, financial records and a ton of other stuff back on a newly installed hard drive (and am automatically backing it up to an external hard drive).

Oneda even e-mailed instructions on how to restore my ‘favorites’ list, so I can find the web sites that I use most on a regular basis. Oh by the way, it didn’t cost anywhere near the ‘couple thousand dollars’ that I was quoted. “

Thanks Oneda!

Karl Dumas

“Everything Computer has saved me! I bought my laptop from EC and have been completely satisfied with it – in every way.

Even more valuable to me was the expert – and prompt! – support with a problem I experienced. I made a very stupid mistake trying to do something I have no expertise to do and managed to lock myself out of my PC at a most critical time with serious deadlines looming. EC was able to take care of the issue for me very quickly thereby getting me back to my work in short order.

EC was also instrumental in setting up a number of functions to interface with programs required in my job. In addition, EC transfered data from another email account (on my Mac) saving me a tremendous amount of time.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the assistance I receive when calling to ask a question. EC always knows the answer and can solve my issue by directing me what to do over the phone. The frustration factor is miniscule now that I know I can rely on EC to provide the expertise to assist me in all things computer.

I heartily recommend Everything Computer for all your business and home computer needs.”

Susan Essex



Recycling Efforts

Donate your old computer and help make a difference for a struggling family! Stride is a local metro-area nonprofit that helps families achieve economic self-sufficiency. They accept all PCs 500MHz or faster, Pentium III or newer and all of the associated parts, working or not. (No dead monitors please — they can’t fix those!) Their team of volunteers will refurbish your PC (completely cleaning off all of your private data and software) and send it home with an underprivileged family right here in the Denver metro area. Your old PC could help a child do his homework, a single mother write her resume, or an underemployed adult learn new skills. Imagine what a disadvantage it would be to not have a computer at home — let them put your old computer to work for a family that can’t afford one!

Stride is a tax deductible organization with a 501-C3 designation. You can read more about them at http://www.stride-co.org/ .  Donations can be dropped off at Stride’s office, 5400 W Cedar Ave in Lakewood during regular business hours, or they can arrange pickup for large donations.  You can email Kyallee Dalrymple at kyal@stride-co.org

Remote Support

Providing Remote Support

Providing Remote Support

 Comments from a customer in Utah…

“…I’m in Utah, and just bought an HP mini. Oneda is in Colorado and is a computer whiz. We set the tentative time through e-mail, then she called, had me type in a URL, and somehow she managed to ‘remote,’ clear off all those trial programs and the junk that starts up when the computer boots, (the stuff computer companies put on new computers to sucker you in) plus she installed a bunch of stuff that I actually use (remember, minis don’t come with a CD drive so it’s problematic).  Anyway, the *nice* little machine that I purchased, is now a *great* little machine that actually meets our needs rather than just look pretty and stroke the ego of some marketing guru. Thanks Oneda!”

Comments from a customer in NY…


“I wanted to say thank you to Oneda….my laptop is finally working right…now I am having tooooo much fun on it (writing…lol) I appreciate all the hard work on it.” 




·         Using the phone, email and safe and secure remote access tools, we can be a great resource to you!

·         Quick and efficient troubleshooting and error resolution when problems occur. We can be “there” much quicker than if an onsite visit is required.

·         Hands on training, questions and answers. You can see what we are doing and we can be available simultaneously by telephone.

·         Periodic preventive maintenance.  Clean up hard drive of temporary files and monitor hard drive space, update virus and ad aware packages, run Windows and other software updates, defrag hard drive, check error logs for any hidden problems. Can be done during “non-prime” times to avoid interrupting your use of the computer, plus it will keep your computer running smoothly and error free.

·         Assist with software installs and upgrades. Don’t forget to use us as a resource for software purchases. Our resources may save you costs.

·         Hardware purchase, upgrade assistance. We may be able to save you costs through our resources. We can also advise you what purchases to make to best meet your needs.


Free Software

Free Software

(Click on Link to Access)

Software Name


AVG Free Anti-Virus protection including making internet use saver.  Rated in top three by ConsumerReports
Belarc Inventory Collects a wealth of information about your computer (installed hardware and software, Microsoft updates, memory, hard drive capacity and current space available) and displays the results in your web browser.  You can then save or print as you choose.
CCleaner CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system –   allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It   also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Be   sure to also use the registry cleaner which will clean up traces of programs   that have been uninstalled but left traces behind.
DVD Video Player Portable multimedia player,  encoder, and streamer supporting many audio and video file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.
Check Memory Use this site to get a preview of how much memory your computer has, how much more it can handle, and what the cost would be to upgrade.
PrimoPDF Convert from any application to PDF simply by “printing” to the PrimoPDF® printer.
Open Office Free substitute for Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., compatible with all other major office suites.  Features a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database and drawing applications.
Recuva Recuva is a free Windows utility that restores accidentally deleted files. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses.
Speed Test Check your internet speed to make sure you are getting the most value from your internet service provider.
Where’s the Space? If you are wondering where the space is on your hard drive, this is a great   tool.  It shows the contents of your hard drive sorted by directory and file type in easy to view colored rectangles.